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Compassionate Home Care Management

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To find and implement skilled, compassionate, and creative solutions to keep you or your family members at home and as independent as possible.

Skilled Care

Some of the services Nurse Visit provides:


  • Home Care Organization & Management

  • Skilled Nursing Assessments​

  • Care Planning

  • Highest Caliber Caregiving​

  • Skilled Nursing Care​

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Education and experience:


  • Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation

  • ADN Nursing Degree

  • Licensed Home Health R.N. since 2005

  • Living and working in Durango since 2001

  • Geriatric Home Care Management since 2012


“Like hiring a tour guide in a foreign country. It was a more productive and satisfying use of my time. I ended up with a better understanding of the complicated language and medical system.”                             Bill G


“I was groggy from the surgery and had never been in a hospital overnight. I rested easier knowing that someone who understood the system, spoke the language, and understood the "beeping machines,” was in my room with me and able to advocate for me."                                                      Jill J


"Worth every penny."                                         Connie G

"It's so nice to know that you have such a deep understanding of "D" when I am far away in California.   I know he is being looked after well."              Claudia A.

“Lori is intelligent, professional and takes her nursing care seriously. She shows up when she agrees to and communicates succinctly and thoroughly to other team members regarding the patient condition and care. She has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience about best practices, and if she is not sure she researches to find the correct approach to the patient’s need.


Lori provides thorough assessments and discusses the nursing care plan and rationale with the patient, family members and the care team. Lori has the ability to see and understand the overall situation or “big picture” when she considers patient care. She listens, and either honors requested preferences or discusses reasonable alternatives.”


Tracy Davis, R.N.

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