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The training and experience of a licensed R.N. when you want skilled care.

What does Nurse Visit do?

  • Home Care Management

    • Arranging, training and supervising caregivers or nurses​

    • Consults with physicians, other staff, patient/family, and other caregivers to formulate a plan of care and coordinate delivery of services to ensure high-quality patient care

  • Skilled Nursing Assessments​

    • Physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and environmental status assessments with nursing diagnoses, nursing care plan, evaluation and follow-up​

    • Safety Assessment

      • General home safety, including assessing an Elder's ability to drive safely

  • Care Planning​

    • Consultation with clients, providers, family members, therapists and care givers to formulate a plan of care based on empirical evidence best practices

  • Higher Caliber Caregiving

    • With nursing education, knowledge and skills, we go above and beyond the basic chores that agency caregivers provide

    • Provider appointments with clients. As an advocate, "medicalese" translator, teacher helping clients make the absolute most of short provider appointments

  • Skilled Nursing Care​

    • Continuing assessments

    • Wound care

    • Surgical site care

    • Colostomy care

    • Blood​ draws

    • Catheter care

    • Tube feedings

    • Hospice care

    • Palliative care

    • Skilled advocacy

    • Injections and IV infusions

    • Medication education, teaching and administration

    • Medical diagnosis education

    • Respite care

    • Community resource referral

    • Skilled companion for domestic and international travel

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